dsc_8717_01.jpgDid I ever tell you about my nephew, Jobbe? He is a guitarist in a heavy metal band called Iron Fire.

A few weeks ago he invited me to one of his concerts – for free.

All what he wanted from me was just a small favour: If I would be so kind to document the concert with my camera?

Some time in the past Millennium my brother and I had a band ourselves which nobody ever really documented. So I was inclined to go. On the other hand, I felt too old for this and feared the music would be too noisy for me. But two yellow foam plugs made it for me.

The Danish heavy metal scene is an underground phenomenon – in Copenhagen with ‘Ama’r Bio’, a former cinema, as one of the hot spots.

I made an audiovisual flash production which can the found at http://hovering.dk/flash/ironfire. The initial interview is Jobbe promising a good concert with lots of power. Then the host introduces the band, in Danish, calling them the heavy metal scene’s answer to The Fantastic Five.

Then the fun starts. Turn on your loudspeakers!