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Cafe Rivolux, Paris. Nikon D7000 50mm/1.4, all settings manual

Cafe Rivolux, Paris. Nikon D7000 50mm/1.4, all settings manual

We were walking around in the streets of Paris, it was  April and the weather was excellent. We decided to have a late lunch after visiting quite a number of galleries.

Next to us was a younger woman seated, reading while waiting for her lunch to be served. She had such a remarkable expression in her face. She was clearly somewhere else absorbed in her book, at the same time having an aura of an invincible fortress you were not able to approach.

So my mind pulled my leg by beginning to create a short piece of fiction around her, at the same time both funny and embarrassing:

“He is sitting in this cafe secretly looking at her. She is reading and keeping her eyes in the book. He was quite aware that she must have noticed his staring eyes but apparently she was  used to it and ignored him.

He knew he had seen her before, but could not remember where and under which circumstances. After long speculations he decided to ask her.

He went over to her table and with a trembling voice he excused himself.

“I am absolutely sure I have seen you before. But I can’t remember where. Can you give me a hint?” he said.

Slowly she took her eyes away from the book and looked into his eyes focusing at a spot way behind him.

With a little cold smile  she replied before turning to her book again:

“Quite possible, sir, I am a porn actor”.